воскресенье, 18 июня 2017 г.

On the Move

2 years later...

Hello, Victoria.
How are you? How is your brother? Is it everything fine? I am sorry for not writing you anymore after that postcard. So many things happened and I have so much to tell you! 

First year we lived in a nice small room (but it was enough for us) and our neighbours were old man and woman. They immigrated to USA in 1895. Their native country was France. An old woman, Emilie, taught me to read and speak French and I really enjoyed the process. She often talked that she was missing France and her old friends, but I never had feelings of nostalgia.

In May my father had resigned from his job, and that is why we moved from NY to a small town nearby. I quite liked that place. My mother told me that our integration into local community was very important so I had to do everything other girls did. The only big problem was a stereotype about genders. There was school only for boys! Girls get the hang of housekeeping but I had no desire to do the same! In Italy and in NY I used to studing at school, so I became the first girl in boys' class. What is more, I became a teacher's pet because I was hard working student and I knew a lot about other countries and cultures. I was soaking up all new knowledge very quickly and my teacher said I had a talent.

You know, when I arrived at NY, I really realized what is culture shock because that's what I felt. When we emigrated to small town, happended the same! Firstly I felt some discrimination because I was a girl who was "stupid" enough to believed that I was a boy and that I had a boy's right to study (that's what boys told). But then it was gone. You know, I think that's because one boy fell for me. He is tall and clever and other boys respect him... He is perfect. But I don't fell in love with him, don't you dare even think about it! 

I remember well what you told me: "Be carefull with things you brought with you. Keep it close." Even when I laze around somewhere on Sunday, I am very attentive. As a result, I have never lost any of my stuff.

I am so happy to know you. I hope that one day you will visit my town. I look forward to see you and tell you more about my life here.
Theresa Pellegrino.

суббота, 17 июня 2017 г.

News Travels Fast

It's not the first time when events in Ostrog Academy hit the headlines and attract a lot of attention. Still, we've never written about anything like this before but today we'll reveal the truth. Last Thursday, 8th June, our correspondent visited one of the most unforgettable events of Ostrog Academy - "Recreation - 2017". What is it and why is it popular among students? Read on and you will know.
"As I heard it's a tradition, and I join it because the summer is a perfect time to start doing sport every morning. That's what Academy gives me - a chance to be always in a good shape (not only mentally, but physically) and avoid being overweight. I've never taken part in such events before and I believe the Recreation is a beginning of my new life, a life where I really like my body. It's needless to say how important it is for every girl on the planet!" - First-year student denies a rumour that students don't like sport and that they more likely would stay at home than do exercises. 
Still, the rumour has it that at the beginning rector rejected an idea about new traditional sport event few years ago, but then he fully accepted it. The reasons were unknown untill today. We don't want to sustain the lies so...

An exclusive interview with a Rector of The National University of Ostroh Academy, Prof. Ihor Pasichnyk!

Good afternoon, Mr Pasichnyc. How are you?

Oh, I'm fine. Great, actually, thank you. I like such days and I'm glad that students like it too. 

I spoke with some of them today and heard a lot of interesting details about Academy's life. I also revealed some secrets... But it's a secret! 

Interesting, you say. Well well... I guess I don't know a lot about my bees.

Well, they deserve a privacy, it's not a criminal, promise you. I can only tell that all of them speak highly of you and other proffessors. Some of the students called you their family what is always ready support them. But I also heard that when someone put forward an idea about "Recreation" few years ago, you disagreed. Is it true?

To be honest, yes. But I didn't fully understand what it would be. I imagined sth different and I didn't like it. But then I change my mind and Recreation became our good tradition and that's all what matter. Now I'm sorry but I have to go. It's not finished yet.

Oh, sure, not a problem. You can find this interview and some photos in our tomorrow's morning edition.

I hope it's a front page news.

Promise you! Good luck!

We also received a letter from students who wrote that they hate such events and they are ready to give an interview about reasons next week. We'll keep you informed about this story. Have a good day and don't be a couch potato.

пятница, 16 июня 2017 г.


I was inspired by my next topic History. From the very beginning I knew what theme I'd choose:

French Revolution

But it's not about Big French Revolution, but about "Hugo's" revolution: events he described in his novel "Les Miserables". This book is about 1848 year and some of the minor incidents in Paris. So, how did it start?

It started from the civil unrest because of counter-productive actions of local council. People were exhausted and starving, and it provoked an outcry of all Paris. 

Few groups that were composed of students and young men were brave enough to stand up for civil rights and liberties on the barricades. War in Paris broke out when General Lamark had died. Young boys defended their positions bravery. They waited for a moment when all people in city would join them but their hopes were dashed. People were too scared to join the army of young men... But despite the fact that it was a spectacular failure, it has brough out the best and the worst in young generation. It also made useful contributions in future French history as it sparked off other riots and, as a result, France has become an independent country.

To sum up, if local authorities don't take citizents seriously, there could be dire consequences. On the other hand, it's not easy to win a decisive battle if vast mojority of people in your city or whole country is not ready to go to war, if it is willing to compromise, not to real action agains enemies.

четверг, 1 июня 2017 г.

Money talks

I was very enthusiastic about my next week task: "Wow, it's so easy: just play a game (Spent) and write sth about it!" But "few minutes later..." I had mixed feeling about it. Why?

Well, firstly, this game is about living on a shoestring budget. You are unemployed and you don't have place to live. What's more, you have to take care of your child while you're working on a dead-end job with bad working conditions and low salary. You need to be careful about your spending 'cause you have to pay off the mortgage even despite the fact that your house doesn't exist anymore!

At the very beginning you have to apply for a job and find a place to live. But  you can't splash out on your house - you just can't afford it! So, the only way is to make cutbacks and skimp on food and some other important things. 

Secondly, this game shows how it is hard to make ends meet, especially when you used to spend money like water. I couldn't keep a cool head when I realised that there are real people who used to live in the lap of luxury and to throw money around, but now they know that money doesn't grow on trees

I "won" this game with 350$ but... It's not about winning but about people who was riped off ot who lost everything because of some stupid accident. There are thousands of them and they are all starving while we have everything we need! 

We are tight when it comes to money... That's human nature - to be selfish, to save up more and more money instead of donating it to someone who really need those 10$.

Here is my fake profile in Fakebook (another week task): Press here

суббота, 13 мая 2017 г.

Creating a Company

Are you looking for lucrative and  permanent job? Are you a good team player open to offers? Our company offers you a job as a photographer or a journalist. 

Our publishing company specializes in ecological and health issues. As our employees work closely with people of different social level, you have to be a people person. You also have to be able to meet a tight deadlines and work well in a team

You'll definitely be shortlisted if you have a good knowledge of foreign languages (at least B2 in French/Spanish/German).

We offer you a demanding but fulfilling job with a high salary and bonuses for working overtime (you'll work flexitime, but there is always a possibility to do some voluntary work and if you do it, you'd get a bonus). Our employees have a good career prospects and perks such as car and free meals in company's canteen. 

It's better if you are available to start work immediately. If you still have some questions, visit our site GreenEarth.com and read more about our company. You can also find many feedbacks about working with us from our real employees. 

So, if you are ready to embark on a career in journalism or photography, please, attend an interview on Saturday, 20th of May in our main office. 

среда, 26 апреля 2017 г.

Word formation

I had to found some examples for Greek and Latin prefixes. I found a lot of them and I realised how important Latin and Greek are for our everyday communication. Actually, they are like a prologue to modern european languages. Speaking about English itself, have you ever noticed how many Latin or Greek words it has? No? Well, it seems like something supernatural, but we use them everyday!

On Saturday evening you are so tired and overworked that you are not sure if driving your automobile is a good idea: you can easily make a mistake! At home you mispronounce some words and that makes your children smile. Next in your "Evening list" is watching semifinal of the tennis championship with your older son. He imagines what pseudonym he would choose if he were a player. Your little son enteres a room and sais that his favourite superhero is Superman and tennis players are boring because they have any superpower! On Sunday you play in "Monopolist" and listen to monologue of your President on the radio...

See? The truth is that Greek and Latin roots and prefixes are multilingual. It means that they are in many languages: English, French, German, Ukrainian etc. You can use them and don't even notice it! That is why we all should be familiar with such prefixes etc., expecially if we are languages learners!

These words can be found on p.100-101 of Upstream Student Book (Unit 6, "Guilt-free Holidays").